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Building Success With
A Watch Startup

ROAS increased from 1.35% to 



DFO was tasked with driving sales for WatchGang's standard plan ($25/month) and deluxe plan ($91/month), as well as developing a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for both price points.


After an initial CPA of $50, DFO carefully analyzed WatchGang’s lifetime consumer value and settled on a $32.50 CPA for both price points. This allowed the necessary room to scale and grow the company’s business at a much faster rate.

Additionally, in order to allow WatchGang to focus on their business, DFO’s creative team built interactive slide shows, videos, and promos to increase the efficacy of the company’s ongoing marketing efforts.


Before enlisting DFO’s help, WatchGang’s Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) was 1.35% (for ever $1 spent on advertising, the company generated $1.35 in revenue). After DFO took over media buying and other creative responsibilities, ROAS increased to 2.26%.

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