case studies

Boosting Order Value for a Wireless Charger


A client’s product, a wireless car charger, was not selling at a volume originally anticipated. In four months, the charger saw only triple figure sales and had a low average take-rate and average order value (AOV). DFO was charged with boosting sales. 


DFO determined the car charging product was too niche and helped the client pivot to an “anywhere” charger. The team sourced and built the new product, created fresh marketing assets and plugged a free adapter into the purchase funnel, allowing older phones the ability to use the wireless charger effectively.

DFO also ported the offer into its proprietary eCommerce platform, allowing payment processor integration for maximum conversions, sales in multiple currencies, easy remarketing efforts and one-click upsells, which increase AOV.


The results speak for themselves. In the four months following its debut, the charger’s average take-rate had increased by two while AOV saw a double-digit increase. 

More importantly, sales reached five digits and revenue increased even further to . . .