case studies

Scaling Spend for Success




Using a budget of $50K, DFO was tasked with developing sales for one of Instantly Ageless’ products via Facebook Advertising and to decrease the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), which was provided by Instantly Ageless at approximately $33.


Our senior ad buying team spent a significant amount of time understanding the persona and working with the client to fine tune the landing page for optimal conversions. The team also audited the pixel and analytics tracking on each page to ensure accuracy.

The first two weeks of the ad spend were dedicated to various creative tests between photo and video. Video dominated the conversions, allowing us to shift focus to that media type.


After the first month, our unique testing and creative strategy resulted in a CPA of $5.79, a $27 savings per customer. In months two and three, budget increased to $140K and then to $240K, with only a minimal increase in CPA to $7.58.

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