DFO Announces Appointment of a New CCO

Mar 09, 2020

DFO Global Performance Commerce, an industry-leading performance marketing agency, announced today that Pascal Rossol has been promoted to Chief Commercial Officer. Pascal was previously vice president for client success, where he strengthened DFO’s global e-commerce, logistics and customer service operations while expanding the company’s footprint in Europe.  

In his new role, Pascal will focus on all consumer-facing eCommerce business. He will oversee activities tied to marketing, sales, product development and customer service to ensure they drive business growth, market share and customer satisfaction.  

“Pascal’s success across the many facets of DFO makes him an ideal fit to ensure we align commercial strategy with organizational development,” said CEO and Co-Founder Bruce Cran.

Pascal has been part of DFO since its inception almost seven years ago. He started in DFO’s Vancouver, Canada office as a German translator and quickly moved into a creative director position, where he oversaw multilingual creative teams and coordinated global units of copywriters, designers and developers. He’s held several positions with DFO Global since then, including campaign manager, where he managed real-time eCommerce web campaigns, and business development and affiliate management roles. He is co-founder and managing director of DFO’s European operations.

“Pascal has a talent for bringing together global teams to work more cohesively and effectively as a whole,”  said President and Co-Founder Jordan Rolband. “We’re excited to watch DFO grow under his leadership.”

“I’ve been fortunate to be part of our operation for a long time,” said Rossol. “To have the opportunity to inspire change, seed growth and help teams excel has been a fantastic experience. I’m excited to be at this innovative forefront with our global teams and partners.”

Pascal holds a MA from the University of Bonn in Political Science, Economics, and Media Studies as well as an MA in European Studies of Science and Technology from Aalborg and Lund University.

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