Agency Y Announces Major Rebrand to Amasa

Jun 22, 2020

Media buying firm Agency Y has unveiled a new name, logo, and website as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. The company is now known as Amasa (uh-mah-suh).

The initiative coincides with the dissolution of Direct Focus Online’s agreement with Agency Y co-founder Tim Burd. Amasa will continue to put growth, data, and transparency at the core of its service offerings, which include media buying, conversion rate optimization, and strategic growth hacking.  

“This rebrand represents a significant step in our evolution,” said new Amasa CEO Alex Brown. “We will continue to put clients and results at the forefront and push the boundaries of digital marketing while redefining who we are and the future of this company.”

The new name, logo and website was developed via an internal collaborative process. Amasa is Hebrew and means to free from burden. It reflects the company’s mission to relieve the stress associated with profitably acquiring customers online.

The agency will continue to live under the DFO Global suite of companies and remain in its San Diego, California headquarters.  

Amasa currently counts Colgate, BeautyStat and ProCompression, among others, as clients, partners, and friends.

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Amasa is a full-service, media buying agency committed to growing businesses using data, transparency, and a performance mindset. For more info, visit

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