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Driving Sales and Margin for a TV
Antenna Product


$61 Million


At the beginning of 2017, sales of a client’s antenna brand hovered around 2.5K sales per month. DFO was challenged to drive sales for the product and increase average order value (AOV), which at that time was approximately $57.


DFO used a number of techniques to meet the challenge, including:

  • Extensive creative and marketing angle testing and optimizations, including in several geographies outside of the U.S. and translations into various languages.
  • Split and price sensitivity testing
  • Fixes and additions to check-out pages, “simplified checkout” options and other front-end optimizations, as well as localized international processing


Split and price testing increased the product’s upsell take-rate to almost 50% and added $10 to the AOV. Additionally, front-end optimizations, processing and check-out page fixes led to significant conversation rate (CVR) upticks on mobile and desktop.

In two full years of international and U.S. sales, the antenna brand saw revenues of more than $61M, an average AOV of $73 and average monthly sales of 32K.

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