case studies

Driving Sales and Margin for a TV
Antenna Product




DFO was challenged to increase advertiser margin by 50 percent, acquire 1K sales per week for the initial test run, and achieve a 40 percent upsell take rate for a TV antenna brand, a new product in the market.


DFO used a number of techniques to meet the challenge, including:

  • A lower-than-average cost to consumer, which provided an attractive conversion rate to 3rd party media buyers and encouraged a higher order quantity
  • A video sales page to enhance consumer understanding of the product
  • Multiple upsell pages and product variations to determine the most profitable funnel
  • A single traffic provider and publisher, allowing focus and compliance of sales pages to one source


DFO’s efforts achieved the sales goal within two weeks of traffic flow, with an increased margin of 50 percent by the two month mark. Additionally, a 40 percent upsell take rate was achieved by the six-week mark. 

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